~ ~ Why Choose BVS, LLC ~ ~

Cost Effective:

-  No need for permanent or temporary staff.
-  You only pay for time worked, which is less than traditional common expense of salaries.
-  No need to pay employee dental and health benefits.
-  No need to pay employee pension plans and 401K.
-  No need for the inconvenience and cost of paying for sick days.
-  No need to pay for employee idle time.
-  No need to pay for employee vacation time.
-  No need to pay for costly purchase or lease equipment.
-  No need to provide office space.
-  No agency fees.
-  No need to pay for employee taxes 

-  No need to worry about travel cost comparison due to behind the curtain access up to 70% savings with a 110% price match. 

*** Best of all, regardless to whether you decide to utilize our self-service online booking, TSA assisted booking or have a group booking; always know that upon return of each of your travels; whether it be for business, leisure, group or solo travel, a portion of you payments will provide nutritional meals to hungry children.***


 -  Access to an experienced and educated professional at a fraction of the cost of an employee or temp service.
-  Complete confidentiality.
-  Professional and reliable services.
-  Flexible schedule and available beyond the traditional business hours.
-  As close to you as your internet, email, phone, mailbox or fax machine.
-  Allows you more time to concentrate on your goals.
-  Rush services available.
-  Available for just a few hours or continuously.
-  Little to no training necessary. 

- Access to self-booking websites saving you time from countless hours prices matching.